[bash] Move and change directory (mv & cd)

In many cases when I move one or more files to a directory I want to change to that directory afterwards. I did a little search and found this discussion, which resulted in the following bash script function:

function mvcd () 
     num_of_files=$(($# - 1))
     for i in $(eval echo {1..$num_of_files})
         eval mv \${$i} \${$#}
     eval cd \${$#}


mkdir c
touch a.txt b.txt
mvcd a.txt b.txt c

[Linux] xclip command


The following command

echo "foo" | xclip -selection clipboard

will copy “foo” to you clipboard. Try pasting it elsewhere. The clipboard selection is the one used by Ctrl-C Ctrl-V commands. The default selection of xclip is the one used when you select text in linux (XA_PRIMARY).

A shorter version would be:

echo "foo" | xclip -sel c


You can also send the contents of the current clipboard to the terminal (useful for piping).

xclip -sel c -out


xclip -sel c -o

[Eclipse] Find all occurrences where a variable is written


Search all occurrences where a given variable is written (but not read) in a workspace, using Eclipse.


Search for current references (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + G) and filter out occurrences by type using the menu illustrated in the image below. In this case, it’d probably suffice to check the ‘Read’ entry.


[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9333634/find-all-assignments-to-variable