Installing mpiP on Ubuntu 10.04

I’ll describe the installation process of mpiP, a profiler for mpi applications. AFAIK, it’s not listed on synaptic package manager so we need to download the source from sourceforce

Untar it and run


In my case, the required library unwind wasn’t installed and that resulted in an error. Since I also couldn’t find it on synaptic, I obtained it from here:

This time, running




Resulted in:

accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor!

The workaround was to add a flag to the compiler, U_FORTIFY_SOURCE. This can be done when running configure:

sudo make install

I also needed to install the gfortran and bfd packages from synaptic.

Back to mpiP folder, I did

make install

And everything went well. The default installation is in the mpiP folder, so when telling the compiler where to look for the mpiP libraries, one has to type:

mpic++ -g code.cpp -L${mpiP_folder}/lib -lmpiP -lm -lbfd -liberty -lunwind

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